Juvederm Voluma – Want to Look Young?

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Why is Juvederm Voluma needed?

As you age your face tend to get deformed, while you were younger the nutrition you took would break down into fats and these fats would place themselves throughout the body like chin area, stomach, arms, etc. and similarly the fats would also store themselves beneath your facial skin and make connective tissue to give your face a formed looks, these fats determine your face’s volume and elasticity and are a key feature in making you look youthful and young but as you start to age, the fats and the connective tissues tend to lose their volume due to many reasons like side effects of medication, hormonal imbalances, UV Rays and diet issues etc., when these fats disperse, the connective tissues get deformed and they start to get liquid-like and forms into a melting texture which give the skin a loose-fitting look, also, the connective tissues being deformed cause wrinkles. Here Juvederm Voluma saves the day, the Juvederm Voluma is injected where the fat has lost its volume and Juvederm Voluma is used as filler which fills the gaps and replaces the volume of the fats which was deformed as you aged. It is simple and effective way which can make you look several years younger in a span of only 6 months.

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Precautions Required After Application of Juvederm Voluma

Even though Juvederm Voluma is well known for its effective work and quality, but just like any other cheeks filler it has side effects, but the side effects are minor, mild and rare, but still one should have all precautionary measures to prevent these side effects even if they are minor or mild. So to avoid these one should

  • Avoid contact to the applied area: if you touch, massage or scratch the facial area where Juvederm voluma was injected, it may alter the filler from its original position and this can cause various problems.
  • Avoid using makeup: this can irritate the skin and cause reactions like a breakout.
  • Avoid using skin care: this may irritate your skin and a breakout can occur.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: try your best to stay at a normal room temperature as too warm or cold can affect the function of filler.
  • Avoid exercise: you need to avoid this as your face should not be sweating as this can also irritate the skin, instead give it a rest and let your skin breathe in the air.
  • Avoid painkillers: painkillers like Motrin, Ibuprofen, and Advil can cause reactions, this is very unlikely but still it is always better to play safe. As far as pain is concerned, it doesn’t last after the treatment and goes away as the treatment ends. Also, avoid consumption of alcohol.

Note that all these precautionary measures are to be exercised up to minimum of 24 hours after the treatment and 36 hours if you want to be extra careful. The side effects are very minor and rare like discomfort and irritations at the areas where Juvederm Voluma is injected. Some other side effects can be redness, swelling, and bruising but these are unlikely.