Best Cleaning kits – Enhancing your Shotgun’s Life

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Shotgun kits

During this summer I and my dad went to a shooting complex with our shotgun after a long time, maybe after2 years. There I saw my dad struggling with the shot gun which was rare sight as he was a great handler and shooter of shotgun. His shots were very lousy as they were inaccurate and the overall shot gun was having malfunctions. We went to the management of the shooting complex to seek some help in this regard and they sent their trainer to check our shotgun, the trainer took our gun and came back after some time and diagnosed that our gun had massive dirt inside. He told us we haven’t been lubing and cleaning the gun frequently which is why the our shotgun had so much dirt inside, he then recommended best shotgun cleaning kits with supplies to clean a shotgun.

He gave us a few names as well like Remington Solar 17186 Squeeg-E, SPIKA Compact Cleaning Kit and Remington Solar 17186 Squeeg-E. We ended up purchasing Remington Solar 17186 Squeeg-E and since we use it once bi weekly, and gradually our shotgun was back to normal. We then understood the importance of regular cleaning of guns. The market is filled with shotgun cleaning kits which make the decision difficult to choose the best for your gun; therefore I have listed top 2 shotgun cleaning kits below which works best for cleaning of shotguns.

  • Remington Solar 17186 Squeeg-E

When it comes to versatility, this kit wins from its competitors as it is a universal cleaning kit which means it works on different guns like pistols, rifles and shotguns which is extremely rare for any cleaning kit. 4 brass rods come with this cleaning kit which can transform into a 32-inch rod when attached together for cleaning of bigger guns like shotguns or rifles. Similarly, the kit also offers 10 squeegees to clean the surface of the gun effectively; this tool is helpful and scarce in many other shotgun kits. Some basic tools include 2 large brushes and 10 bronze brushes to remove dirt, residues or contaminants along with a lubricant, cleaning solvent and a cleaning cloth so this is the ultimate cleaning kit for basically any gun. Furthermore, this is extremely handy and is easy to carry around.

  • SPIKA Compact Cleaning Kit

This was another recommendation by the professional at the shooting complex. This shotgun cleaning kit is specifically designed for the 12 gauge shotguns with every single cleaning tool you would ever need. Throughout the years Spika has earned great reputation and is standing toe to toe with some huge companies like HOPPE, Sage & Braker etc. so you can ensure that the products of Spika are always high quality. The kit includes 4 cleaning rods which are made from stainless steel, a spring brush, mop, an adapter, bronze brush, box of patches, aluminum handle and a muzzle guard. However, this doesn’t come with a lube and a cleaning agent.